Banbang (50mg musk) Gongdan Preparation and Out of Stock – How to eat Gongdan (How to take it)? This is from the Oriental Medicine Clinic in Gagyeong-dong, Cheongju

Hello. I’m Yang, the head of Cheongju Oriental Medicine Clinic, a warm-hearted treatment, honest and trusted treatment.

Hello. I’m Yang, the head of Cheongju Oriental Medicine Clinic, a warm-hearted treatment, honest and trusted treatment.

Wonbang Diagnostic Jehwan / Semi-Air Diagnostic Dough (Ft. 4g Vs 5g Air Diagnostic Size Comparison) – Cheongju Gagyeong-dong Oriental Medicine Clinic, which makes musk Gong Diagnostics by itself, hello. I am the head of Cheongju Barunbody Oriental Medicine Clinic, an honest and trusted treatment that warms the heart. 최근 …

I completed the semi-radial diagnosis (reflective fragrance diagnosis) containing 5g of total weight of the first ring and 50mg of musk that I made the dough last time.

Use a precision scale to make the dough in a round shape with 5.03~5.05g.On this day, Song Won-jang was so busy that I think he made almost everything by himself.I like to make things with my hands, so I made it like I’m cultivating my mind.

Wrapping gold leaf is more fun.The more you do it, the faster it gets and the more perfect it looks.

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It’s to coat Gongjindan with a thin gold foil of the same size as that inner paper. When I first made it, I used to tear it apart, but now it’s done when I just do it.I’ve completed the green bottle and the seal.All of the preparations for the public diagnosis are pre-booked, so there are currently zero stocks of the Banbang Scented Public Diagnosis at the Barunbody Oriental Medicine Clinic in Gagyeong-dong, CheongjuThis is it. It takes a few days to prepare after prescription, so you’d better refer to this before visiting the hospital.We have a small amount of musk 100mg raw air defense diagnosis in stock, so it can be shipped immediately :)I’m enclosing the dosage method when prescribing Gongdan, but I’m often asked, “How should I eat Gongdan?” so I’m thinking of writing my personal opinion.Usually, many people know that “one pill a day, take it on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning,” but this is also good, but I personally prefer to take it in the afternoon.milada_vigerova, 출처 UnsplashIf you take it at the most tiring time of the day, you can immediately feel the effect with your body.I personally recommend taking it when you’re most tired of the day, even if it’s not necessarily in the afternoon.For example, when Yang’s younger brother was on night duty as a trainee, he often visited Gongjin-dan at night HahaIn principle, you can take one or two a day if your physical strength is severely deteriorated, but in reality, it is not easy due to the cost.In that case, there is a way to take it once every two to three days when you are really tired, and it is okay to take an anti-aircraft diagnosis every day that reduces the price burden by reducing musk. (I recommend this method to test takers.)Some people have been told that they almost got caught in the throat while swallowing a whole grain, and Gongdan, especially Wonbang Scentedongdan, is recommended to chew slowly in your mouth and savor the scent of musk.Olfactory nerves – Earth’s laboratory ( )The olfactory nerve has the shortest path of travel among the cranial nerves, and enters the brain immediately, because rather than swallowing it, the scent must be spread enough in the oral cavity and nasal cavity to fully enjoy the effect of perfusion.thisisnando, 출처 UnsplashHowever, musk sounds like a scent, but the actual original musk is close to a Birit? Kkot? smell. (There is also a mania layer) I know Gongdan is good, but those who say it’s hard because of the musk smell can do it well, but the secret is in Nokyong.Instead of just using deer antlers, Russian powder is soaked in acid oil and baked to make ultra-fine powders, which makes it easier for people who are sensitive to smell because the scent of acid oil gently covers it from the beginning.Director Yang is confident that he has eaten Gongdan a lot here and there, but when he came to Cheongju and started making it in this way, Gongdan definitely said, “It’s delicious.”In the future, we will continue to work hard to become a master of high-end public diagnosis that can satisfy vision, taste, and smell as well as its efficacy!
PS. There’s one more tip from Song Won-jang to take Gongjin-dan, and this is only for those who come to the hospital..HahaTina Floor, UnflashTina Floor, Unflash